Wednesday, November 5, 2008

anita's guest post ii.

I realized last night that this has been a quiet revolution, a democratic revolution.

Images last night from people in the streets echoed the Orange Revolution, the wall falling, the ecstatic response to momentous national and even global change.

After years of watching protests with half a million people not even dent the march towards war, years of watching films and television and books and satire and investigation and research expose and express outrage, years of letting cynicism and apathy erode the willpower of our generation, I can't believe that in the end our revolution arrived by commandeering the democratic process.

Beyond voting, people reclaimed the process by donating and volunteering in unprecedented numbers and with an immeasurable dedication.

Yes We Did take back this country from the sickening concentrate of power in the Oval Office and redistribute it to those who've never felt the blessing of enfranchisement before. It's a revolution to which we all contributed, and a triumph for democracy.

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