Monday, November 3, 2008

mara's guest post.

The highlight of today was Dr. Rachlin's apple pie. It was delivered by the junior Rachlin, Andy, who also brought copious amounts of coffee and my friendly faced fiance.

This was the best apple pie I've ever had-- a standout amidst the flurry of donuts and store bought pastries that can be found on every table in the office (not that I don't eat them, gratefully).

I ate my share, then shared it with Lindsay. Then passed it on to Jeremy (who ate it while vacuuminig) then Jeremy passed it on to Laura who shared with Mary Ellen (pictured here). In other words this one slice of pie was shared by six people, which is not unlike Obama's plan to spread the wealth among the middle class.

Anne Marie also brought assorted vegetables and I ate a great deal of cauliflower, which should, I hope, compensate for the Danish (did you know that Danish is capitalized? I learned this at a job a long time ago. The secretary would send out an email announcing "coffee and Danish," not to be confused with the people).

We're leaving the office at 10 PM! God bless daylight savings and devoted volunteers.

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