Sunday, November 2, 2008

daylight savings - like a gift from god

i am so tired. like really really tired. maybe the most tired i have ever been in my life. friday nite we were at the office until 3:15 am. this is what it looked like:

anita gives her new apple its first big task

lindsay houses the out of state volunteers

heather schedules more volunteers

katie captains the phones

helen untangles the cell phones

mara confirms some shifts

frank prepares for another yard sign op

jeremy coordinates some canvassing

dave organizes the field

i forgot that it was halloween except for the kids that came by the office trick or treating once in awhile. we gave them twix and obama stickers.

last nite we all sat in on the field organizer conference call. barack was on it and he told us that he was proud us and that he was counting on us to double down and give even more these last couple of days. i felt guilty for taking that 15-minute power nap i took around 8 pm but i was literally falling asleep at the desk as i was trying to schedule volunteers.

last nite's big task: stickering.

our numbers have multiplied at frank and helen's. the keyboardist got here yesterday. i finagled a ride to lehighton for him and then sabrina brought him back here late last nite. and mahsa joined us. she was born in iran but is a canadian citizen living in montreal. she took the bus here!!! so i figured anyone as rad as that would appreciate the land of enchantment that is frank and helen's place. plus drew. and of course anita and mara. and jeremy and me. we had the most splendid breakfast this morning:

we are getting out the vote. right now.

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