Tuesday, November 4, 2008

it's GOtv time

6:45 am. at the office. firedup readytogo.
6:49 am. voting machines at city hall poll not starting up and they don't know what to do. (that's a huge polling place.)
7:36 first canvassers out the door
8:01 free hot chocolate from domincan place across the street. check.
8:18 christine has joined the hazletizle barack team. yea!
9:27 first senappe's cold pizza delivery
10:27 jonathon demme returns with wife, daughter and her friend to canvass. i heart them so much!!
11:27 christine is on the case. luz county is not letting people cast provisional ballots. totally illegal. good thing she is a lawyer.
12:13 provisional ballot crisis averted. in fact it might not have been a crisis at all.
3:19 apparently the dmv fake registered to vote a ton of people
4:46 jackie powers just got back from voting. it was her first time. she's in her sixties. she's one of our stellar phone call volunteers. everytime she talks to someone who's an obama supporter she says, "that's one more vote for obama!."
5:42 pm it's heline's birthday today. and her daughters. she's wearing a t-shirt that says 11/04/2008 and she keeps lifting up her sweatshirt to show everyone.
7:41 someone needs a ride to the polls and needs to get picked up from the wendy's.


Anonymous said...

Captain linz-
you are a hero. thank you for all your sacrifice and work. you are the face of america today....and tomorrow.
yo mama for obama

sarahsouth said...

you rock! yes we did!