Sunday, October 5, 2008

cold pizza - a local specialty

so apparently hazleton is also famous for "cold pizza". it's room temperature pizza. it's always served room temp. and you can only buy it from certain places. i tried some today. it tastes just like it looks: like day-old, room temp little cesars, i.e. delurcious! read more:

so today was a REALLY BUSY DAY! we had 25 out-of-towners. all from new york. one group came from clinton, ny; they left at 6:00 am to make the four hour drive. another group of fourteen got organized through the website. (go there and DRIVE FOR CHANGE from your state!!!) we knocked on hundreds of doors today. and i think the official count was 75 new voter registrations, and i think about 30 of those were latinos. just today!! tomorrow is the voter reg deadline in penn so we are trying to have a last big push. of course, those registrations come at a cost. one of our high school interns had to endure an indecent proposal of having sex with some guy's virginal friend for money. she laughed in his face and walked away. ah, don't you just love people?

my favorite moment was when an older lady was sitting next to me in the office talking about palin and said: "can you believe she entered a beauty contest? did she look at herself in the mirror twice? i mean i'm a plain jane, but at least I KNOW i'm a plain jane." priceless.

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