Tuesday, October 28, 2008

snow day!!

the hazleton schools are canceled but the obama office is open for business. one of the high school interns, megan, just called saying that she would be early since school is closed. after shoveling the sidewalk, jeremy took off for a retirement home with some incorrectly filled out absentee ballots. nor rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor hail i just hope that the weather isn't like this on election day!!

sorry i haven't posted in awhile. things are getting nuts!! thank god mara decided to come early and help us out. she was indispensable. especially because heather got sick with some kind of stomach virus. i didn't even know she wasn't feeling well while she was at the office, but apparently she was going to the bathroom every half an hour to puke. and then when we finally made her go home, she made the google maps for the walk packets in between pukes. this is before we made her go home:

i want to give a shout out to mark, dylan, mara, andrew, rebecca, and diana for coming to hazleton this past weekend to help out. i can't believe i didn't take a picture! the went canvassing in mountain top and all the staff people and regular volunteers that i talked to that were at the mountain top location said that they were all amazing! they canvassed in the pouring rain without complaint and then they headed back to the office to make phone calls for a couple of hours after that. i am truly blessed! they then forced me to leave the office to have dinner with them even though i totally shouldn't have. we ate at this restaurant named martin's that frank and helen love. frank wanted to call them ahead of time to make a reservation for us and make sure that they could make something vegetarian. he couldn't get through because the power outage that was caused by the rain storm disabled the restaurant land line (the power was out in the office about an hour and a half saturday afternoon). so he drove down there to give them he head's up. when i walked in i recognize our water server, giselle, and the hostess, ellen. they both frequent the office. dinner was delicious. unfortunately i had to get it in a to go box so i could rush back to the office but we got dessert on the house!

the past couple of nights, i've been able to leave the office around 10:30, but the previous three nights we were leaving between 1:00 and 2:30. i was so tired. everyone kept asking me what was wrong with me, if i was getting sick, and that i looked terrible. i couldn't even open my eyes all the way. luckily some rejuvenating saunas, and nights of 6-7 hours of sleep have helped. but this lifestyle is not sustainable.

frank carved a pumpkin.

i can't believe halloween is this friday. i'd like to be a person who get 9 hours of sleep.

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drew.palmore said...

I am very glad that you are *rippin' it up in hazleton* even though I'm not so sure where that is and if it's snowing in October I don't think I ever want to even think about where that is. The best I've been able to do for the campaign thus far has been to buy a couple of shirts one of which I haven't worn because I'm worried it might become a collector's item. That's lame ass. I guess I did vote too (absentee). Anyway, get some sleeps and I'll be cheering with you come Nov 4 from the opposite end of the country.