Friday, October 3, 2008

hazleton campaign office s.o.s.

so our campaign office is totally volunteer-powered, in terms of staffing, office supplies and dunkin' donut supplies. we have some out-of-town volunteers coming into town this weekend to canvass and we are so low on supplies that we aren't even sure if we'll have enough printer ink to print out the turf sheets for the volunteers. if anybody out there hasn't stepped up and wants to get involved in the campaign, send us a staples gift card or something similar.
our office address is:

barack obama's campaign for change
44 w. broad st
hazleton, pa 18201
phone: 570.454.0211

and for my new york peeps who are weekend warriors, come to hazleton!! it's not that far away and there is so much work to be done here. hazleton is the new phily. give us a call when you want to join us.

barack's campaign for change this is linz speaking.

"well good luck to ya but i got the wrong number!"

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