Thursday, October 2, 2008

don't worry honey, i'm voting for him

so yesterday was my first day on the job. i rolled into the office with heather around 9:30. (we have to work out the shower shifts more efficiently.) the day consisted of data entry, phone banking, voter registering, and a women for obama meeting. highlights included:"
the dominican resterante that gives discounts to us because we work for obama

the guy on the street who stopped to talk to me because i had an obama t-shirt on and offered to come by the office and buy me lunch

the eighty-something-year-old-woman who hollared "what's this about?" at me when i phone banked her, but after i told her i was with the obama campaign she sweetly said, "don't worry honey, i'm votin' for him."

the women for obama meeing attract 45 women who are fired up and ready to go. i especially appreciated the little chocolate donuts.

after we the meeting ending, the calls stopped, and we took a break from data entry, heather, dave, and i headed out to bottleneck, a local bar for some food and a pitcher.

the best thing about this bar is that it used have two separate entrances, one for men and one for women. and on the men's side, underneath the "men's" bar, there is a latrine with a drain so that men wouldn't have to trouble themsleves by leaving their stools to relieve themselves.

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