Friday, October 17, 2008

well, they don't want to vote for a colored guy

so wednesday heather and i went canvassing in nanticoke, (i think that's how you spell it) about an hour outside of hazleton proper. i felt like i was trekking out to an aldea to visit the with the campesinos. unpaved roads, strange address designations, and a LOT of chuchos. anyway, we got a lot of registered democrats who said that if they voted at all it would probably be for obama. i'll tell you about the two of the most remarkable interactions. the first was a hrc guy (this is hillary country out here) who was like (and i'm paraphrasing here) "well i'm not prejudiced or anything, but you know he's black and he's got the muslim thing . . .)" honestly, even though i've talked to quite a few of these ignoramus, it's still dumbfounding when it happens. another house that we stopped at had an obama yard sign out front. we were telling the owner that he needs to get his neighbors out and voting since so many of the registered democrats we visited said they weren't voting or were hesitant about voting for obama. paraphrase: "well, they won't say it but they don't want to vote for a colored guy." remember this is a supporter who put a yard sign in his lawn. what do you do?

the trees are so pretty right now!

to watch snl's take on the bradley effect go to minute 17 of the weekend update last nite.

i know everyone is talking about the bradley effect, but i think in this part of the country there will a reverse bradley effect. for example, when heather went canvassing in shickshiny the other day, an old man came to the door that she knocked. she asked him, as we ask everyone, if he would be supporting obama in the election. he looked around, leaned in close and said "you're the first person i've told this to, but yes, i'm voting for him." he went on to say that she'd interrupted his dinner but he was happy about it because he got to tell her that he was voting for obama. and apparently, when dave and heather tried to offer people obama paraphernalia so they could demonstrate their support, no one wanted to put up signs or anything. i'm just sayin'.

a couple days ago we did "visibility" on a street corner near the office.

it was pretty fun. we got a lot of positive honks and negative thumbs down
the high school girls had fun too

also, bart made this rad led pin.

and jeremy put this broccoli bouquet in a vase. (and that's jeanie, a super vol. she decorated the office halloweenie. i'll take a picture of that soon.)

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