Wednesday, October 22, 2008

acorn and anti-abortion

jeremy and i went canvassing on monday. we split up and i went ahead of him on w diamond ave to use our time most efficiently. i was crossing the street, this guy yells at me from his car window as he's stopped at the light this is our exchange. "hey, it's too late to register to vote."
"i know" (the deadline to register and vote in this november's election has passed, true, even though technically it's never too late to register.)
"unless of course you work for acorn. do you work for acorn?"
"no, i do not."
"well, you look like you could work for acorn."
and he drove off.
what is that even supposed to mean??
this is what i looked like:

so yesterday this ad appeared in the local paper:

as you can see there was an anti-abortion rally outside our office at 3:45 pm. as today's newspaper article reported: "inside the obama headquarters, campaign workers went about their business, paying little attention to the rally outside." what the paper didn't say was that we BROKE OUR DAILY PHONE CALL RECORD! additionally, the paper said that a few motorists called out objections to the rally signs with one man shouting, "eff the babies". i think our country should really pride itself on such robust and thoughtful discourse.

ps did you guys see the maccain rally in new hampshire today? when talking about somebody in congress, he actually said, "you ol' skinflint!" what? who is he appealing to? i want to make a button that says "skinflints for obama".

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