Friday, October 10, 2008

i'd rather be nuked than be broke

today, after the stock market plummeted s'more, when discussing the lesser of two evils between nuclear holocaust and financial ruin, the consensus by our office volunteers was: nuclear holocaust.

luckily i am thrifty. i bought this great skirt suit that i'd been eying at the salvation army across the street on wednesday. and guess what. it was half off!! $1.50 for this beautiful two-piece. I can't wait to wear it out. or during an important presentation.

last nite we were at the office until about 2:30 am i think although i don't even remember now. heather and dave ordered a meat salad to sustain themselves:

it looked like a pretty good salad except for all of the meat.

bruce sustained me.

this shirt was from the rally/concert last weekend in philly. a couple of our superstar vols got to get the vip up close tickets. they said it was awesome. someone brought dave back this t-shirt. it's my inspiration every time i go in his office.

we were at the office so late last nite because we were cutting turf for the canvassers this weekend.

amy, one of the amazing staffers who floats around, was totally mvp when she fixed our printer and helped organize the walk packets into the wee hours.

we have a lot of great events coming up this weekend. hill and bill and joe biden are having a rally in scranton this sunday, oct 12 a the riverfront sports complex located at 5 west olive plaza. doors are at 1:15 and the event is free and open to the public. no tickets are required. i know all of this because i repeated it on the telephone dozens of times will calling obama/biden supporters today and yesterday. the other HUGE even is that america ferrera, aka ugly betty, is coming to our office on sunday to show her support for the obama/biden ticket!!

we just found out today, so we printed a bunch of fliers and dave, heather, jeremy, and i headed out to "da club" to pass them out tonite when we left the office around midnite. i was SO EMBARRASSED to be wearing carharts and a pearl button down to this place but asi es. so we ordered some yuenglings and started inviting people to the event. then then jeremy and i got up and danced some bachata. we must have been in a sight: me in my carharts, and him in his salvation army knit sweater (he didn't want to take it off because he thought the tie-dyed shirt underneath would have been a move in the wrong direction) and both of us with our obama/biden buttons on. what is going on? regardless, it was the most fun i've had since i got here and i think jeremy and i will go back (properly attired, claro.)

oh, i forgot to introduce you to the rats, riso and carmela:

i fed them treats the other day.

and here's my room:

as you can see, i don't have much time to keep it tidy.

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Kelly said...

It's fascinating that you chose nuclear war over economic crisis (maybe because nuclear war seems a lot less likely to actually happen and thus affect us). A study in Science showed that political conservatives are more afraid of dangers from the outside (i.e. nuclear war) than liberals are, partially explaining a lot of conservative priorities like anti-immigration, gun rights, military, etc. They're all about wanting to be protected from potential foreign threats, and not so concerned or even willing to sacrifice things like civil rights. Liberals, according to the study, did not get as physically agitated by images of scary physical things. I'm taking it a little farther when I say this, but it makes sense that liberals are able to view things in a more rational, logical way instead of relying on gut reactions like conservatives often do.