Monday, October 20, 2008


wow. it's so hard to keep up these days! let me just say that i've canvassed twice more since my last posting.
once here:

as you can see there were deer and homemade obama signs in this weird planned, gated community we went to. it was really scenic walking around but kind of creepy from a planner's perspective. i can't really turn the planner off, you know.

yesterday, jeremy and i went canvassing. he forgot to bring his jacket and it got really cold. luckily, anne marie had brought by extra things for canvassers to wear it case they were ill-prepared for the cold. even though the sweater, jacket and vest were a little small given jeremy's height, i thought he looked marvelous:

and then the most exciting thing of all. lerato walked in to our office. she lives in jersey and came in with the group of new yorkers who canvassed with us yesterday. now, i knew that lerato was a south african name and it turns out she is from south africa. we talked about cape town and sun city and decided that we were going to be bff's. she was supposed to go to harrisburg and help them until thursday, but i totally poached her and now she is staying with jeremy and me at franck and helen's place. we opened the office this morning and i put on a little mandoza to start the morning off right:


additionally, lerato means love. it also happens to be the name of a song by boom shaka that i was my total jam when i was in botswana. i'll play it for you sometime. this whole experience has been totally spooky if you ask me.

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